Christmas Tree Wooden Buttons (13mm x 10mm)


Introducing our festive Christmas Tree Wooden Buttons, measuring 13mm x 10mm. These charming buttons boast a detailed Christmas tree design in vibrant red, white, and green. Perfect for adding a joyful touch to your holiday crafts, garments, and decorative items. Celebrate the season with these delightful wooden buttons, infusing your projects with the spirit of Christmas.


Introducing our festive Christmas Tree Wooden Buttons, each measuring 13mm x 10mm. These charming buttons are crafted to infuse the spirit of the season into your holiday crafts. Carefully made from high-quality wood, every button features a detailed Christmas tree design, showcasing vibrant red, white, and green colors.

The 13mm x 10mm size is versatile and perfect for various applications, making these buttons ideal for embellishing your holiday-themed projects. Whether adorning your garments, holiday cards, or decorative pieces, these wooden buttons add a delightful and joyful touch to your creations.

The red, white, and green colors bring a playful and Christmassy palette to your crafts, capturing the essence of the season. The intricate Christmas tree design reflects the holiday spirit, adding a cheerful and whimsical element to your crafts. Spread the holiday cheer and celebrate the magic of Christmas in your DIY endeavors with these colorful wooden buttons.

Elevate your holiday crafts and let these vibrant Christmas Tree Wooden Buttons be a delightful reminder of the joy and festivity this special season brings. Incorporate them into your projects and watch as they add a pop of festive color to every creation.

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