Refund & Returns policy


If you have an issue with your order we give you 30 days to let us know so it can be fixed. If you don’t let us know then we won’t be able to assist you. We do allow returns to be made but please note that if you’re returning something because; you’ve changed your mind, you don’t like the colour or maybe the feel of the product. Something that isn’t our fault then you will be liable for the return postage charge. If however the reason you’re returning an order is because of an issue we’ve made for example you’ve received the wrong order or not the right quantity of what you ordered we will fix the issue and pay the price of the shipping.


Here at Knitting Accessory Sales we do our very best to make our customers satisfied. To bring you satisfaction we can tell you that we can refund you for purchases made. If you have an issue with an order then let us know. We may be able to fix the issue without issuing a refund but if for whatever reason we can’t, we will refund you your money back. Please note that if the reason you want a refund isn’t because of a fault of ours for example it’s because you don’t like the colour or feel and don’t want to return the product for something else of the same value then we will only be able to refund the price paid for the product(s). You will also be liable for paying the return postage. No refund will be given until we receive the parcel back to us. If it was our mistake and you just want a refund for example wrong order has been sent to you then we will pay the return postage and issue your refund once we receive the package back to us.